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I love this game so much!! Will you make more content for it, or a sequel? Please consider :)

Really simple with really interesting dynamics. It was really short and sweet but was excellently made.

I played on 1.1 however, and it doesn't seem like spacebar does anything after getting the 'Lipo' ability, a cooldown appears but nothing about the game changed.

Despite that it was really interesting, can't wait for your next game.

Things seem to randomly not load properly. The red devil seems to have a damage hitbox, but I don't have the patience to try to kill or avoid it. Art.


I´ve tried it and is very interesting. Did you plan to continue whit updates?

not planned any time soon, no

Why did the colors of the mimic change from green to blue?

What does the spacebar ability do?


it's makes the greedy heroes immobilize for a few seconds

I'm assuming this will be updated in a few more hours once the gainjam is over but till then I look forward to giving this a try it sounds like it could be neat.

In a few moments!


Thank you for replying I just tried the game and I admit I was not expecting that but it was fun nonetheless. However is there an ending? As around 6 minutes the enemies stop and there's no ending screen left the game running for 3 minutes just hopping on the light square and nothing ever made it back on screen.


It has been fixed, a boss was supposed to spawn, now he will spawn.

Is there a different version that was updated somewhere?

I saw that it was supposed to be updated above but maybe somehow I got the older

I'll wait a few minutes before trying to
download again as maybe I just got unlucky.


it should be updated and say 1.0 Release 

So tried redownloading and deleting the old files from last night but I'm not sure if I keep triggering the same bug but ya I've had the game running for a bit after clearing the enemies the boss isn't spawning so I just sit in place till I close the game.


Oh my gosh just reading the description gets me excited for the game playing as a mimic and gathering treasure and the name of the main character is super cute too Mimmie a perfect name for a female mimic. Can't wait to try this game out


So there's no game to play on this page nor is there a link to download. How are we suppose to play this game?


Just a momeeeent...