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Is this compatible with joiplay?

What version of OpenGL does this game require? On Linux (through Wine) I can play the game but it has graphical issues. But in Windows on a computer that has the same GPU, it's telling me that my GPU doesn't support the required version of OpenGL but it doesn't tell me what version is required.

can i have the sprites of the character in pngs or gifs? pleas

it's not working

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Hello I just brought this game but it doesn't seem to be Working
I try using the Thing called 'BeeTD_win' But the program doesn't respond. Is there anyway you can Help?

Edited. oK I found a Soulation. I needed both files for it to work


is there like nudity or some stuf like that just wondering or some stuf like i dont know SEX? asking for a friend


There is something cool of what I would do. "Fatten up the queen"


is there infinite levels

hope this becomes a full game one day

how do you play 


I love this game, is amazing


I wish there was a few more levels, maybe ways to use the rest of the numbers up to 9, also maybe another queen size.

As is though this is a decent quick game.


I keep coming back to this in my free-time. Still can't get enough of these little buzzers so I've decided for the heck of it to even try speed-running it now. I'm still working on my strategy X)


Absolutely fell in love with this one purely because of the queen. I adore the idea of feeding a completely useless character, especially if it requires the maximum amount of currency and is a terrible gameplay choice.

Actually, when you feed her it lets you have one more bee in play. You can go from 5 to 7 bees this way. Took me a bit to figure it out too ;)


queen so cuuute!!


Can you post the game on steam someday?


many bugs, pun intended, espacially sprites going missing and honey not generated


Sometimes I wish i knew how to make games, so i could help my favorite creators help grow their games more like this one.

It won't work for me 


The game is cool 10/10 :)


Super cool game; I love the graphics, the music, and the gameplay. 10/10 work you guys!

i love the art in this game (especially the queen) I'f love to see a full game similar to this!


This is a great game Maybe one day in the future You can upgrade it


Sure. Why not

My only complaint is that the game suddenly stops working after a bit:/

Other than that, good game!


Absolutely loved this game, I know I played it earlier but a commenter reminded me that there's a hard mode so I gave it a go!

After playing through once I got a good feel for some of the mechanics. Like the purple 1000 troop makes your queen stronger; I.e. You can get 6 troops on the field at once instead of 5 (you can get up to 7)

Range bees (750) are fantastic, but easy to kill with a flyer, so I try keeping a "wall of guns" behind at least one or two units for protection. It's not perfect, but it's a good way to hold off enemies for a moment to save up your pollen.

Great job again, Bellybelting! Can't wait to see more!



I saw your game on youtube, got curious, and played it myself!

It was the first time I'd seen a strategy game like Honeycombat where your character gets fat!

I think it's a great experiment!

Do you have any plans to update this game in the future?

New army units will be added.

Or existing units can evolve to another level.

The queen bee gets even fatter, etc.

If so, I'll be very happy!

If there is a new version coming out, I would love to support it!

I'm using a translation tool, so the text may be difficult to understand...

However, your game seemed very interesting to me, so I sent you a comment!

Thank you for reading to the end!


We have a forum to discuss HC and asked people what they'd like to see. The most popular answers were: New units, more unit upgrades, new enemies, and an utter craving for making the queen even fatter! lol

Though we're very glad about the final product, being honest, the motivation for every single teammate to want to continue might be on the line since we no longer have a goal we want to strive for. Challenging ourselves with such a short timeframe and wanting to win was enough motivation then, but we no longer have that. The idea of money being the next motivation has been set on the table (which implies that the game's next update would be paid as a whole new experience), but we're uncertain about that one.

So, yeah. Even if we think these updates would be pretty awesome, we're still not sure if this'll keep on going... Still, I'm very glad all of you liked our game! I really appreciate all of your support! 💛


i honest;y love this game i did not expect the THICCNESS that was to happen i didn't have a problem with a game aside from it freezing once. again i loved this game 


A lot of fun! I have no clue what this genre of game is (I call it linear strategy) but it's always been an interesting one to me. You get plenty of variety in your units that give a good mix of possible strategies. 

The range are the most expensive and in my opinion the most useful, but can't attack anything flying and can die in one hit from them. I personally found having a good line of ranged bees behind a couple higher defense warrior bees to just hold the line worked well. Though I ran through different ideas throughout my play through so I'm sure there's many more. 

Very fun and addictive, I've played it a few more times since the video. The graphics are great, love all the different bee military designs, and there are (as you'll see) a couple bugs but this is a game jam game so it's to bee expected, and none I ran into were too detrimental. Definitely give it a play!!


nice i like this

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Nope still having problems like the other person. It says “Bee_TD is damaged and can’t be opened 

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Does it work for IMac or the MacOS 

I have gotten it to work on my 2k15 mac book air running Big Sur, other people have had issues with the program being broken so you should try and see. If it doesn't work we have no idea why.

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ok thanks, I will try it again and see if it works


cute bees.


I want it on steam, then i can buy it :D

I appreciate the gesture! As of now, you can enjoy it here for free!

Mac version doesn't appear to work - getting "Bee_TD is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Bin." I've got 8GB free memory, no other issues.

this is an odd issue which doesn't happen when downloaded from this site onto our testing mac

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same, but keep up the good work

any advice?

are you on mac or windows? and do you have 2 GB of free ram available to run the game? if the answer is no to the second question then you can't run the game in it's current state. The team will be working on optimizing the game more in the future. But it can't be update now because judging is still going on.

windows 7 and 4 gb... 3gb available. I don't even know what the problem is

It was exported as a Windows Desktop Program and not a Universal Windows Program, so that could be an issue if WDP is for windows 10 and UWP is for older windows versions. (until judging  if finished we aren't gonna do anything but the moment that is over we will put out an updated version to fix a few bugs and this issue. sorry for the inconvenience.)

it's okay, my use of old software has its risks such as this

are you running a 32bit system or 64bit system?

I couldn't launch the game... the godot icon appears, music and the game play for a few seconds

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